Love and loss

LossWhen we lose someone who is loved, there is no way to be consoled. We might dwell on their heroism, talk about the ways they brought love and hope and happiness into the lives of their family. However, there is no getting past the fact of their loss.

A dear friend lost her child this past week. It was an unexpected accident … he and his family were swimming and were caught in a rip. His wife and girls survived physically … he was a hero to the end, striving to save them. I knew Alex from when he was a child; it is the child I will remember. In my memory he lives. Lighting a candle for his spirit, his brightness, is not enough. There is never anything that answers loss … except time.

I find myself asking why it hit me so hard. I guess I’ve been saying ‘not today’ to death for a while now. Ever since my husband had his heart event, he has experienced diminished energy and function. We say ‘not today’, in order to live for today. We are being very gentle with each other, absorbing our friend’s loss. We are grateful for each other, and the strength we share.

Sad today …

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