What’s not to love about happiness? The inspiration for his blog is a relationship of over 20 years, and the study of Western and Eastern philosophies. We still make each other love notes, believe that the light of love arises in each other’s eyes, and are sure that love is unlimited, though time is not. Our intentional, and extended, family sustains us and brings new delight every day.

We’ve experienced all manner of triumphs and tragedies, challenges and trials, and through it all, we’ve chosen to set our sights on the power of being positive. Along the way, we have found some ways to grow love, and to find happiness in unexpected places. Lest you think this blog comes from fairy dust and glitter, we’re well grounded in the world, and the practical aspects of making a good living. We got hooked by the possibilities inherent in the human potential movement quite a while ago, and are fascinated by the intersection of spiritual practices that bring a feeling of wellbeing and positive growth to life. From time to time, we create workshops together to share what we’ve found.

About Ria
I am an artist and writer, a designer and web developer, seeking to be a renaissance person in the modern world. Since I was five years old, I’ve read just about everything I can get my hands on, on subjects as diverse as fiction, theology,anthropology (well, most of the -ologies) philosophy, poetry, folklore, mathematics, physics, science, medicine, design, art and biographies.  That adds up to a ridiculous amount of books, some of which make very strange bedfellows when stacked up. What comes from that reading is some musings about odd angles where ideas come together, especially about love and happiness, that I’d like to share with like-minded travelers.

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