Feeding your love

I feel such gratitude that my love has dinner for me when I get in at night. He works at home, and this is one of the way he takes care of me. Sometimes he gets us take-out from a local restaurant, and other times I arrive home to the delicious scent of roasting potatoes and onions, baked in the oven. He is terrific at making chili, pasta and scrambling up cheesy eggs. These may seem like simple foods, yet they are spiced with love, stirred in as they are made.

I want to also show my love by cooking, however, work and time is against me in this desire. I love being in the kitchen, measuring, making sauces, the smell of baking. Adding love to the alchemy of making a meal is one of my favorite things. I tend to save my cooking efforts for the weekends, where I can surprise him with hot cornbread, home-made french toast with nutmeg and cream. We love to work together and chop vegetables for a big stew we can eat during the week, or make various kinds of curry.

Love is what nourishes me, and simple comfort foods tell me that all is well with my world.

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Generosity in relationships

Generosity is one of the more significant things we can bring to our relationships. What we give to others willingly lets our partners, our children, or our friends, know that we value them. There are so many ways we can give of ourselves, whether that is in terms of time, of helping each other out, of being present and listening to each other.

My wonderful spouse and I like to find each other small gifts that the other will appreciate; a book, a perfect leaf, a movie, a scented rose, love notes or music, gifts of service or help with a project, comfy socks or gloves. Truly, the list is endless, but that’s not the bit that matters. The important thing about these small gifts is that it tells us that we are in each other’s minds and hearts as we move through our day, and through the world.

Copyright 2012 R Loader all rights reserved