Organizing the images

I am using the camera in my iPhone even more than I used the point-and-shoot digital I used to carry around with me, in part because the phone is always with me. However, there’s a step I’ve been failing to take along the way that used to be part of the process. Once in a while, there would be a whole evening where the card would get taken out, uploaded and made fresh and new again. With the amount of storage on the phone, the periodic image review doesn’t happen so often. And thus, it becomes more of a big deal to cull through the images.

Have been spending time this month going over the remodeling work from two years ago. Finding some image gems along the way, and am also rediscovering just how much work got done.

  • Created a new carport
  • Designed and built a pergoda over the hot tub
  • Remodeled two and a half bathrooms
  • Installed a mini apartment. Wait. That one is worth a whole post.
  • Ripped out old carpet, refloored the downstairs
  • Kitchen remodel and exhaust hood over stove
  • New updated LED lighting throughout the house
  • New entry doors (2)
  • Major landscaping

And last summer we created a patio and courtyard. Our entire house has been refreshed in one way or another.

Once I’ve finished sorting the images, I’ll post some here. Must admit to feeling a great deal of satisfaction with the increasing sense of order and beauty we’ve added to our world.