Meditation: Letting go

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To begin meditation, you do so with intention. You are mindful that your intent is to take a sequence of actions to alter consciousness. Those actions can involve a deliberate change of focus, a change of breathing, an alteration in attention, or putting aside customary ways of thinking; meditation can also be a simple matter of being in the moment.  In the human potential movement of the ’80s and ’90s, we called it going with the flow. Nowadays, flow has acquired a capital letter – Flow – yet it is essentially the same thing. Let go. Be in the now. Get down with your self. Center. Be mindful.

Ideally, when we engage in contemplation or meditation, letting go is is about moving forward and not dwelling in the past. To let go is to stop holding on to things that happened to you or around you at some time before now. Some of that past stuff is good or great, and some of it is going to be stuff that bummed you or hurt you in some way. We are creatures who compare things, so whatever we bring to now is going to have informed who we are. We learned from it, were transformed by it, and survived to become the unique individual that is in the moment.

At the same time, when you meditate, this past stuff is going to come up, and that’s kind of natural to the process. When you stop running ahead, and thinking ahead about all those things to get done, stuff you ran away from, or forgot to think about rushes in, and your head can get kind of noisy for a bit.  Soon enough, if you give each thing that comes up a bit of attention or notice, it’ll quieten down. Depending on what the stuff is, it can take some time. Try to be okay with that. Some of it may have things to tell you that you did not have time to pay attention to before now.

Once you’ve noticed something from the past, maybe cherished it a bit, given your younger self a metaphorical hug, you can notice the behaviors and reactions you have from stuff that happened.  Are those behaviors that worked for you in the past still useful? Great, then keep them and enhance them. However, if the reaction or behavior is no longer useful in your current circumstances, then perhaps it is time to let it go. Sometimes the transition to being in the now means letting go of stuff that’s been incredibly helpful some other time or place. You’ll know what those things are, and what you want to keep as you contemplate.

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